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Do Guts and Casca End up Together in Berserk?

Do Guts and Casca End Up Together in Berserk Guts
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In Berserk, Guts and Casca's relationship survived the test of time in the worst possible way. From one tragedy to the next, Guts and Casca's love story is far from over, as Berserk is still ongoing to this day. The question now is, do Guts and Casca end up together in Berserk after overcoming so many obstacles?

Warning: There are Berserk manga spoilers ahead!

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Do Guts and Casca Like Each Other?

In Berserk, Guts and Casca have a very special relationship. Their relationship is unlike any other, having withstood the test of time and all the tragedy that followed.

Guts and Casca had a rocky start. They met for the first time after Griffith ordered the Band of the Hawk to attack Guts.

Casca was about to kill Guts when Griffith intervened and knocked him out.

The following day, Guts finds Casca sleeping next to him in the base camp of the mercenary group.

Per Griffith's orders, Casca assists him in his recovery by warming him with her own body heat.

Despite going above and beyond for Guts, Casca despised him because she believed he was unworthy of Griffith's affections and recognition.

Simply put, Casca was envious of Griffith's treatment of Guts as if he were his equal.

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Credit: Studio 4°C

Over time, Casca grew close to Guts to the point that she also lets go of her reliance on Griffith.

Casca believes that Guts is the only person in the world who sees her as both a warrior and a woman, unlike Griffith.

In the battle with Tudor’s Blue Whale Knights, Casca fainted and fell off the cliff in her bout with Adon.

Guts saves Casca in time, but the two of them fall into the river after Adon shoots Guts' horse.

In a nearby cave, Guts attended to Casca's needs even if it meant stripping her naked to warm her body.

There, Casca and Guts had a serious conversation about each other's past when she awoke, which resulted in their mutual understanding.

Since her return to the Band of the Hawk, Casca's feelings for Guts have grown stronger.

At this point, Guts has decided to leave the Band of the Hawk and go solo yet again.

Unfortunately, much has changed since Guts' departure from the mercenary group, as Casca has taken over the leadership of the Band of the Hawk after Griffith gets imprisoned.

The next time they met, Guts and Casca acknowledged their feelings for one another and eventually made love.

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Do Guts and Casca End up Together in Berserk?

For a variety of reasons, Guts and Casca have yet to end up together in Berserk. Berserk is obviously still going on, so Guts and Casca's happy ending is far from over.

Furthermore, their relationship has been marred by so much blood and tears that it is difficult for the two of them to be happy.

Casca repressed all of her memories and abilities after being raped by Femto during the Eclipse and giving birth to her demon child with Guts, leaving her an infantile shell of her former self.

After Guts abandoned her in Godot's cave, she ended up in Albion, where a cult dedicated to the Goddess of the Flame believed she was a witch. Worse, she was arranged to marry the Great Goat, the cult's leader.

Although Guts saved her from the Great Goat, Casca was captured by the Holy Iron Chain Knights and imprisoned in the Tower of Conviction.

She was imprisoned inside an Iron Maiden and sentenced to be burned at the stake because everyone thought she was a witch due to the Brand of Sacrifice on her body.

Do Guts and Casca End Up Together in Berserk Casca
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Casca’s tragic life did not stop there, as Guts sexually assaulted her during their winter journey, where the swordsman submits to his inner darkness in addition to being spiritually possessed.

After Casca returned to her former self, Guts failed to talk with her properly as Casca would scream and even have panic attacks whenever she was reminded of the past, making it extremely difficult for her to face Guts.

To cut the long story short, Guts and Casca's relationship has always been strained as a result of the tragedies that have befallen both of them on multiple occasions.

Their love story is full of difficult situations, making it impossible to know whether the two of them will end up together when Berserk concludes.

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