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How to Watch RWBY: The Complete Watch Order

How to Watch RWBY: The Complete Watch Order
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New to RWBY? The fantasy series is an easy watch, but also a long one, so you might not know where to start if you're a newcomer. If so, we got your back! For those wondering how to watch RWBY, we figured out the complete watch order.

RWBY might have taken a long break during the pandemic but RWBY: Ice Queendom and the recent announcements about RWBY Volume 9 have shaken things up a little bit, and the Rooster Teeth is getting unprecedented momentum - and newcomers. Keep reading to find out more about the animated series.

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What RWBY Media Do We Have So Far?

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RWBY (pronounced Ruby) started in 2013 as a computer-animated science fantasy series with strong influences from anime, initially created by Monty Oum for the digital media company Rooster Teeth.

The series has run for 8 Seasons (known as Volumes).

In 2016, a comedic spin-off with the self-explanatory title RWBY: Chibi premiered. This is a fan addition to the series, though it doesn't strictly follow the plot and canon of the original series.

From 2021 onwards, we also have RWBY: Fairy Tales which features in-universe fairy tales from the fictional world of the Remnant where the original story unfolds.

RWBY: Fairy Tales is once again not immediately relevant to the plot but it is nice to access the same fairy tales that our favorite characters grew up with.

The most recent addition to the world of RWBY comes in the form of Remnant's first Japanese series, RWBY: Ice Queendom which premiered in Summer 2022.

For those wondering if RWBY: Ice Queendom is a reboot, Rooster Teeth staff members have described it as a "canon-adjacent" story, which you can watch if you want something extra.

Of course, the release date of RWBY Volume 9 will reveal just how important Ice Queendom is for the main series, if at all.

How to Watch RWBY: The Complete Watch Order

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Do you still have questions about the RWBY watch order? While there is no hard and fast rule, we would recommend starting with the main Rooster Teeth series and then moving on to the other RWBY media.

You can find all the episodes and seasons of the main RWBY series on Crunchyroll, while Rooster Teeth first has compiled an updated playlist.

This contains not only the series itself but also the concept trailers for the four main characters.

Rather than summing up the series as many trailers do, these flesh out Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang, subtly revealing background information as well as the fairy tale allusions these characters are associated with.

After completing the first season of the original Rooster Teeth series, you can either keep watching or stop to start RWBY: Ice Queendom.

If you opt for the latter, you will be able to find out a bit more about the four main characters early on, as well as check out an adventure that isn't featured in the originals.

Of course, you can also start with Ice: Queendom, which does a decent job of introducing the characters. If, however, this is your first contact with them, the first three episodes might feel a bit rushed as they are meant primarily to refresh the memory of existing fans.

The chibi series and RWBY: Fairy Tales can be watched at any time, though we'd recommend watching at least the first 3 Volumes of the original first to better appreciate the characters, humor, and world-building.

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Finally, for hardcore fans, Rooster Teeth has created the talk shows RWBY: Rewind and Talk CRWBY to Me, as well as CRWBY: Behind the Episode, a behind-the-scenes documentary.

Still not satisfied? You can also check out RWBY: The Grimm Campaign, a Dungeons and Dragons campaign by Rooster Teeth.

The above are all available on Rooster Teeth FIRST - though we recommend familiarizing yourself with the original series first!

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