Disney Criticized For Casting White Actor in Live-Action Aladdin

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Disney announced on Tuesday that American actor Billy Mangusen will play a prince in their live-action Aladdin, and fans are not happy about it.

According to THR, Billy will play Prince Anders, who wasn't featured in Disney's animated 1992 classic.


Fans criticized Disney's casting decision to cast Mangusen - a white actor - and they expressed their disapproval on social media, with some questioning about the inclusion of Billy's character.


It was previously reported that producers wanted to feature a cast entirely made up of people of color.

This isn't the first time the live-action Aladdin was criticized for whitewashing. When Naomi Scott, an actor with British, Indian and Ugandan descent, was cast to play Princess Jasmine, it was met with mixed reception.

Earlier today, Will Smith shared the first cast photo from Aladdin on Facebook.

Aladdin, which is set to be directed by Guy Ritchie, has no release date yet.


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