Dexter: New Blood News & Update: Understanding Kurt Caldwell, According To Clancy Brown

Credit: Pete Peppers/YouTube

Credit: Pete Peppers/YouTube

Clancy Brown played Kurt Caldwell in Dexter: New Blood, a strange character who kidnapped and murdered people in the Iron Lake community. Even after his motives were explained, several viewers had difficulty understanding them.

However, the actor has cracked Kurt's code in its entirety.

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Kurt Caldwell’s motivations in Dexter: New Blood

In an interview with Gold Derby, Brown discussed Kurt's motivations in Dexter: New Blood.

“The way that Kurt understand it was that he was doing them a favor. He was actually saving them somehow from the cruelty of the world and as Kurt understood it, from his father because his father was a horrible person,” Brown explained, reminding viewers that Kurt had seen his father conduct heinous crimes against women while traveling with him as a boy.

“So he thought, I have to kill these women in order to save them, which is a weird Dexter justification,” Brown continued. “You know, because Dexter kills these serial killers in order to save the world. Kurt thinks he’s killing these women in order to save them from the world.”

“But he’s also thinking they’re doomed in the world as well, that they don’t have what it takes to actually survive well in the world,” Brown added. “So he’s going to do them a favor and kill them and preserve them in their beauty.”

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Terror of Iron Lake

Kurt was first seen by Dexter: New Blood viewers when he arrived in Iron Lake in pursuit of his son, Matt. Kurt set out for vengeance after learning he'd been slain by Dexter Morgan and his son, Harrison. But Dexter was also on the lookout for Kurt after linking him to the disappearances of several Iron Lake women.

Dexter had the evidence he needed to exact retribution after uncovering Kurt's trophy room. He brought Harrison along with him, hoping that the experience of killing Kurt would connect them. However, Harrison was humiliated. In the Dexter: New Blood series finale, Harrison shot and killed his father after finally discovering the extent of Dexter's dark passenger.

It's uncertain whether Dexter: New Blood will be renewed, but showrunner Clyde Phillips has expressed interest.

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