Yellowjackets Spoilers, News & Update: Pilot Episode Script Hints Identity Of Cannibals

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Credit: SHOWTIME/YouTube

These potential Yellowjackets spoilers have fans writing with excitement, particularly because they hint at the identities of the presumed cannibals who survived the tragic plane crash.

The first episode begins with a sequence showing some of the survivors succumbing to cannabilism in order to survive the winter, with the cannibals donning masks that conceal their identity, leaving them a mystery to the audience.

Many speculations have been proposed by Yellowjackets fans as to who the cannibalistic survivors might be.

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Yellowjackets spoilers revealed in pilot script

The complete pilot episode script was shared by Deadline, including the opening sequence that introduces the cannibals. The names "The Hunter," "Butcher," "The Overseer," and "The Shamen," are among them, hinting that the cannibals have enough experience eating other survivors to have particular jobs for it.

"The Shamen" also hints that the supernatural connotations hinted at throughout the series play a role in the eventual cannibalism.

The show's creators and stars have been careful not to reveal any Yellowjackets spoilers, claiming that no one knows who the cannibals represented in the cold open are, with the names in the screenplay used in place of the survivors' real identities supporting this assertion.

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Yellowjackets Season 2 update

Yellowjackets Season 2 was announced in December after the first season was a smash hit for Showtime. For its interesting secrets and convoluted narratives, the series immediately gained a considerable audience. The second season is expected to begin filming later this summer.

Yellowjackets Season 2 will return to the winter plot and will most likely provide more information about the cannibals' identity. More adult survivors will be introduced in the second season, casting a larger net for those who survived the wilderness.

Yellowjackets is one of the few current examples of a show that succeeds solely on its own merits, rather than relying on known IP or nostalgia to attract viewers. Despite the fact that cannibalism is a wonderful hook, the audience has remained engaged because of the continuously sharp writing, outstanding performances, and unique tone, all of which should be improved and honed in the second season.

Though it's unlikely that fans will learn who the cannibals are through these Yellowjackets spoilers, small details like their titles and positions demonstrate the level of depth and care Yellowjackets puts into its plot, which many fans are anxious to continue.

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