Demon Slayer: How Does Nezuko Change Her Size?

Demon Slayer’s Nezuko Size Alteration Explained

Demon Slayer’s Nezuko Size Alteration Explained

Despite being influenced by Muzan Kibutsuji, Nezuko has abilities that even Muzan does not have, such as sunlight resistance. But one of her fan-favorite abilities is size alteration, allowing her to become a cute girl. Learn more about Nezuko's size alteration ability in Demon Slayer!

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What Is Size Alteration in Demon Slayer?

What is Size Alteration?
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From the name itself, size alteration means that the user, in this case, Nezuko, can change her size to something bigger or smaller.

Specifically, she can shrink her body to that of a child; small enough to fit a basket or box. This helps her and Tanjiro travel easily, allowing her to rest.

She seems to enjoy this form as well as she can mingle with other humans, like Mitsuri. The two appear to be on good terms, as seen in Demon Slayer Season 3.

Nezuko basket
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She can also enlarge herself to match the size of the demons she's fighting.

In fact, the size alteration ability was first introduced in the first episode when Nezuko attacked Tanjiro.

Her size grew to that of an average adult man, but she then returned to her original size after Giyu knocked her down.

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How Does Nezuko Change Her Size?

How Does Nezuko Alter Her Size?
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Throughout the series, it appears that Nezuko’s size changes depending on her instinct and desires.

If fans look back on what happened during the first episode, Nezuko couldn’t control herself.

Her power was overwhelming, which explains why her size changed to that of a male adult.

Meanwhile, the small version of Nezuko appears whenever she is in defense and protection mode.

How Does Nezuko Alter Her Size?
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She uses this version whenever she needs to run away from other demon slayers or when she needs to fit in the wooden backpack.

But she is mostly in her original size after she vowed that she will never harm humans.

In this version, she shows that she is not a scary demon. She resembles a normal human girl to not scare other humans.

Unfortunately, it was not thoroughly explained if there are triggers for this ability or how long she can stay in one size.

How Does Nezuko Alter Her Size?
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Although, it would be interesting if there were more information about Nezuko's size alteration skill.

All in all, Nezuko’s size alternation ability is truly one of the interesting powers in Demon Slayer.

It gives her an advantage against her enemies and even helps her travel with her brother safely.

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