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Demon Slayer’s Zenitsu Voice Actor Joins the One Piece Cast

One Piece Zenitsu voice actor

Because of how long-running it is, One Piece has seen lots of popular voice actors over the past decades. Now, the latest voice actor to join the One Piece voice cast is the popular seiyuu who voices Zenitsu from Demon Slayer.

Ahead of the next One Piece episode’s release, it was announced that Zenitsu VA Hiro Shimono is joining the show’s voice cast to play the role of a major character in the Wano Country arc.

Spoiler Warning: There are spoilers for One Piece’s Wano Country arc in this article.

Zenitsu VA Hiro Shimono

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Hiro Shimono is one of today’s most popular voice actors as he has voiced a wide range of fan-favorite characters throughout the years.

But his most popular role right now is arguably Zenitsu, the cowardly companion of Tanjiro and Nezuko.

While Zenitsu may be a scaredy-cat, he’s a powerful Demon Slayer when he goes unconscious, and his training takes over.

Demon Slayer fans will likely know Zenitsu from his voice alone, especially when he screams out “Nezuko-chan.”

This goes to show how good a job Shimono did with his Zenitsu voice.

Aside from this role, Shimono has voiced other major characters in popular shows throughout the years.

For instance, he voices Dabi in My Hero Academia, Connie in Attack on Titan, Rindou Haitani in Tokyo Revengers, and Nacht Faust in Black Clover.

His latest role is in One Piece as Kozuki Momonosuke (aka Momo), the son of daimyo Kozuki Oden who is a legendary figure in the series’ world.

Momo has been with Luffy and company since the Punk Hazard arc, and he is set to play a major role in the Wano Country arc.

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One Piece’s Kozuki Momonosuke

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Momo has been present in the anime for years now, though Shimono voicing the character is not a recast.

Instead, Shimono will play Momo moving forward as the character is about to go through a major transformation.

As shown in the One Piece manga, Momo will be transformed into an adult through Shinobu’s power. This will be key to the events of the arc moving forward.

Despite becoming older, Momo will retain his eight-year-old self. This makes Shimono’s casting as the adult Momo perfect as his experience with playing Zenitsu will likely play well with this new role.

You’ll hear Shimono’s voice as Kozuki Momonosuke in One Piece Episode 1047 which will be released on January 15, 2023.

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