20 Jun 2017 12:20 PM +00:00 UTC

Death Note & One Piece Get VR Games

Even the world of anime is working almost double time to catch up with the world of virtual reality. And from the look of their progress, it's leapt a few bounds, with the Anime Expo now being a venue for fans to see their favorite Japanese manga and anime characters brought to life VR style.

According to Comicbook.com, Shueisha Jump VR is working on a collaboration with Dai Nippon Printing to create VR games from its well-known manga franchises. This year, fans will be seeing Death Note and One Piece in their own VR titles.

The goal of Shueisha Jump VR's experience is to combine VR tech with Jump manga series that have an international following. Japan Character VR Matsuri will supposedly gather together 10 teams of Japanese VR developers.


So far, for VR games will be available to attendees at the Anime Expo, starting with the two franchises. Death Note VR Escape Game will make use of the Gear VR. Here, fans will take on the role of Misa, where she will have to cooperate with Shinigami Rem to escape the basement before she drowns. For One Piece Cube (meant for the Oculus Rift + Touch), the goal is to pick up One Piece illustrations using your hands and assemble a 3D puzzle of Chopper.

The other two VR experiences will be more focused on Jump as a whole, though Jump Cube will allow fans to build Bleach's Kon as a 3D puzzle. Jump Art Gallery for Gear VR will let players explore the gallery with popular manga illustrations and a few other surprises.

The Anime Expo will be held in the Los Angeles Convention Center from July 1 to 4.

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