DC’s Titans TV Series Character Breakdowns Details 4 Leads

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Anyone who's grown up watching the Teen Titans animated series would know a thing or two about the main leads. So when DC and Warner Bros. confirmed that they will be partnering to release a TV series Titans, we had a pretty good guess on who will be included there.

Now, The Hashtag Show was able to obtain character breakdowns for the planned TV series, and as expected, the leads pretty much match our four favorite characters: Dick Grayson, Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy.

Granted, since this is a character breakdown, the names are hardly a match for who they will likely be in the actual series. But here is the gist of the details revealed:

John Crossland (Dick Grayson/Robin): Already in his late 20s to early 30s, he's a cop who's pretty distant and laidback. However, he can also spring into action when provoked, especially since he has a haunted past of murder in his family (how very familiar!). Even though he's a cop, his job of keeping crime at bay continues in the night where he displays his physical prowess.
Casey (Starfire): Female in her 20s, she's a beautiful woman who's almost inhuman in her looks. She looks mysterious as is her background, with the only know thing about her is that she's looking for those who are trying to kill her. Also underneath that beauty and inhumanity is a deadly secret.
Sarah (Raven): in her mid-teens, Sarah is a bullied loner who hides behind her hoodie. But underneath that lurks more, almost like a shadow or a dark force that she sometimes can't even control. She also has nightmares, which she goes on a cross-country trip to seek help for.
Jax (Beast Boy): He's the comic relief whose humor hides a past. Jax is more known for being smart and street-smart rather than physically tough, but he's able to make do of what he can in that department.

It's easy to picture these characters despite how far their names are from their actual characters. And for shippers of both Robin/Starfire and Raven/Beast Boy won't really have a hard time imagining it. Even though the first two characters are no longer in their teens, there's all the more potential for a much-explored romantic angle here.

The ages alone easily make me think of a nice little family unit, though. That's all that is known for DC's Titans TV series to date. We're expecting more information as we near the 2018 premiere.

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