11 Aug 2021 12:02 PM +00:00 UTC

Hugh Jackman Clarifies Wolverine's MCU Return

There is little doubt that people are still hoping that Hugh Jackman will return as Wolverine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After all, the Logan star had teased about reprising the role when he shared fan art along with a photo of himself hanging out with Marvel boss Kevin Feige.

So is it true that Jackman will be joining the MCU? Jackman has just clarified why he had shared those Wolverine teases.

Back in July, Jackman shared a series of photos on his Instagram stories. One post was fan art created by digital artist Bosslogic depicting MCU's version of Wolverine. Another image shows Jackman with Feige and the sequence seemed to suggest that the two had met for a possible MCU deal.

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But did that really happen? Jackman explained to Comicbook.com that it's all just a misunderstanding.


"I literally was re-posting fan art and I do it quite a bit because I just love it. And I love the fans. And then I was off doing something and I came back and I'm like, 'Oh, I think I broke the Internet,'" Jackman said. He was quick to add an apology for hyping people up for nothing.

"No, no, no, no. Guys, sorry. Didn't mean that. I really didn't mean that. I'm really sorry.' And I thought, 'No one's going to believe me.' But that was the case," Jackman said.

It's great to know that Jackman truly appreciates fan art and is willing to share artwork that he likes on his official Instagram account. However, it's also disappointing to know that he hasn't met up with Feige on a possible appearance in an MCU project.

Jackman has repeatedly stated that he is done with playing the mutant and is ready to move on to other roles. However, he has also teased a possible reunion with Ryan Reynolds, who has long campaigned for Jackman to appear in the Deadpool movies.

For now, these are just joking for Jackman and Reynolds since they are both busy working on their own projects. Nevertheless, fans still haven't lost hope on Wolverine's future return.

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