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Deadpool 3 Director Can't Spoil Anything Because Ryan Reynolds Will Kill Him

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After a series of delays and other production mishaps, Deadpool 3 will finally make its way to cinemas this year and despite the whole "superhero fatigue" plaguing Hollywood at the moment, fans are pretty stoked about the film which will see the Merc with a Mouth team up with Wolverine is what's shaping up to be a multiversal roller coaster ride.

Not too long ago, set images from the film made the rounds all over the internet much to the dismay of lead star Ryan Reynolds, who even took to social media to express his disappointment.

This is why Shawn Levy is choosing to be extra careful when it comes to potential spoilers, and he has a pretty valid reason: he doesn't want to get on Ryan Reynolds' bad side.

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Deadpool 3: Shawn Levy Says Ryan Reynolds Will Kill Him if He Spoils Anything About the Film

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Credit: Fox

Deadline caught up with the director at the Directors Guild Awards and said he couldn't spoil anything about Deadpool 3 as his life would depend on it. The Stranger Things producer jokingly said: "I so cherish my friendship with Ryan Reynolds and it would be so sad if it ended in murder. And if I answered you with anything Deadpool-related, it would end with my untimely death, and that would be so sad."

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Speaking of leaks, it turns out that the film's official title has been spoiled ahead of its trailer's release at SuperBowl this week. A title card is spreading like wildfire on social media, revealing that Wade Wilson and Logan's MCU crossover film is titled "Deadpool & Friend".

Of course, nothing official has been announced yet so it's still best to take it with a huge grain of salt, even if the image looks legitimate. But again, if Deadpool 3 does end up getting a wacky title, the idea wouldn't be too unusual.

Marvel Studios' Deadpool 3 is hitting cinemas on July 26.

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