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Deadpool 3: Did Hugh Jackman Just Reveal Wolverine's Live-Action Mask?

Credit: Fox

Hugh Jackman has played Wolverine on ten different occasions in the Marvel Universe but it's quite baffling how he never donned the character's iconic costume. There was one instance where Fox hinted Logan would finally be wearing his iconic mask in live-action but the tease never led to anything except frustrate fans the world over.

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Credit: Fox

With Jackman set to return as the cigar-smoking and claw-slashing mutant in Deadpool 3, marking his official debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, reports have been circulating that Marvel Studios is adamant about giving Logan a look that is much more faithful to his comic counterpart.

Now, the Australian actor is once again setting the entire comic book film fandom ablaze after posting a prop of Wolverine's headgear next to Wade Wilson's iconic mask. The post was originally from famed digital artist BossLogic and while we'd like to assume that it's not an actual prop from Deadpool 3, Jackman is setting something up that X-fans have been dying to see for over 20 years now. Check it out here:

Deadpool 3
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Credit: Hugh Jackman on Instagram

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Jackman wearing Wolverine's yellow and blue X-Men suit has been long overdue and while it's true that some costumes don't translate well in live-action, I think we've already proven over the years that Marvel Studios has done a tremendous job when it comes to comic accuracy.

And considering Hugh's triumphant return to the Wolverine character can be considered a full-circle moment for his career, I don't see any reason why the studio shouldn't pull the trigger and give fans what they've been wanting to see.

Meanwhile, Deadpool 3 is slated for release on November 8, 2024.

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