Deadpool 2's Mid-Credits Scene Almost Didn't Have X-Men Origins Footage

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Deadpool 2 is a bigger and better sequel, with a more interesting story that felt unpredictable at times. Depending on who you ask, it was also a bit funnier with so many jokes being thrown at the audience. Of course, some would argue that none of the jokes are as funny as the mid-credits sequence, which not only messes the timeline but pokes fun at Deadpool's past in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

However, according to lead star Ryan Reynolds, getting footage of that particular scene was supposedly a nightmare.

In the Empire Film Podcast, Reynolds revealed that it was a nightmare to get the X-Men Origins footage needed for the mid-credits sequence. Firstly. Origins was shot on film and not on digital, so it was harder to get. As if that wasn't bad enough, Reynolds also revealed that the part of the scene they needed - where Wolverine confronts "Deadpool" - was supposedly damaged.

"We had a dick of a time trying to get the actual raw footage from 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine.' The movie was shot on film, it wasn't shot on digital, so it was harder to get. And even though we were sitting there on the Fox lot, the exact piece of the movie we need had been damaged, on whatever the transfer was. So we had to go to some backup which was in some, vault somewhere in the middle of the country of the united states, and we ended up finally at the last second inputting it into the movie."

Still, in the end, they persevered and we ended up having one of the best mid-credit sequences in superhero history. The movie not only has Deadpool kill "Deadpool" in X-Men Origins: Wolverine but he also shoots Ryan Reynolds before he decides to star in Green Lantern.

Deadpool 2 is now showing in theaters.

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