Deadpool 2 Writer Denies Janelle Monae Casting Rumors

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Rumors have come out yesterday that Hidden Figures actress Janelle Monae was a frontrunner to play Domino in the Deadpool sequel, but it looks like those rumors are false. Writer Rhett Reese has took to Twitter to deny the rumors, so as of now, it looks like the production is still looking.

Here's the Tweet:


Another actress who's been rumored for the role of Domino is Scandal's Kerry Washington, but seeing as no further news came out about that, it could very well just be another dud. Maybe there's still a chance for my dream casting of Archer's Aisha Tyler as Domino to happen.

As for Domino's character, she's a mutant mercenary who has the power to control "luck." She's an expert marksman and hand-to-hand combatant, and she's been connected to the X-Force, another movie said to be in the works for Fox.

Deadpool 2 is being directed by David Leitch (John Wick) and will have Ryan Reynolds returning as the titular character. The movie is set for a release early 2018.

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