Theatrical Version of Deadpool 2 Teaser Released Online

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When fans went to see Logan in theaters, they were treated with a hilarious short scene to promote Deadpool 2 before the film started. Now, Fox just released the theatrical version of the scene.

Over the weekend, this scene was released online, but it was an altered version of the clip fans had seen in the theaters. The online version featured a cameo from Stan Lee. There were also a few changes to the dialogue and music of the clip.


Now, you can watch the theatrical version below:

After Tim Miller dropped out from the project, John Wick director David Leitch took over

"There is this fun irreverent nature to Deadpool which is why I fell in love with it," Leitch told JoBlo. "Which is why I'm honored to be a part of the franchise. I think you want to keep the DNA of that. It's going to be fun to spin out the world a little bit and expand it. You just have to on a sequel. But we want to stay true to that, the little superhero movie that could. It is the fun irreverent movie."

"It's in our DNA to take the stunts in an organic way as well and take it more in a practical way," he said. "Maybe go bigger. But it's not about bigger, Deadpool is always about playing against the expectations of superhero movies and I think that is why it was so successful. Or one of the reasons it was so successful because it plays against those expectations."

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