09 Dec 2019 10:57 AM +00:00 UTC

DC Universe Releases First Stargirl Teaser Trailer

With all the hype surrounding the awesome Wonder Woman 1984 trailer, fans might not know that there is a less-awesome Stargirl teaser trailer as well. We can't blame most fans since the teaser is only 35 seconds long and doesn't really tell us anything, though it does show the title character in motion for the first time. It will be interesting to see what future trailers of this series shows since it could be really good, especially with Geoff Johns at the helm.

The JSA, who are going to appear in Black Adam, will play a big part in the series since they will choose and mentor the newest heroes of this generation, which includes Stargirl. This teaser does show the potential candidates but none of them appear in their costumes, nor do they show what their abilities are.

Honestly, it's a pretty lackluster teaser and we were hoping for more, though that brief shot of Stargirl in costume was kinda neat. Sadly, we've been groomed to expect more bombastic teasers when anything superhero-related is released, especially after the awesome trailers of Black Widow and Wonder Woman 1984 just came out.


Let's be optimistic and hope for better footage once the second teaser or first official trailer comes out. It's pretty cringing that there are so many terms for trailers these days, not to mention teasers for trailers and trailers for trailers, but that's the world we live in. Here's hoping that they nail it since the more JLA media the better.

Stargirl will debut on DC Universe sometime in 2020. The series will also broadcast on The CW.

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