29 Dec 2020 2:00 PM +00:00 UTC

DC Reveals Plan to Release Up To 6 Superhero Movies Every Year

DC is ramping up its movies after DC Films President Walter Hamada revealed that they are planning something bigger for the future of the franchise. Wonder Woman 1984 received some promising box office returns despite the ongoing pandemic. Aside from the confirmation on a Wonder Woman 3 film, the Warner Bros. division has additional plans.

Hamada talked with The New York Times where he mentioned that DC Films are planning to release up to four superhero films annually in theaters starting in 2022, and another two feature films every year on HBO Max. The plan is to put the most expensive films in theaters while the less costly titles will be placed on HBO Max. This announcement suggests that the company will not fully delve into its 2021 strategy of releasing films in theaters and on HBO Max at the same time.
Wonder Woman 1984 is the first major movie to receive the hybrid strategy when it debuted on Christmas day.

The numbers are not available on how well the sequel performed on HBO Max but the film grossed $85 million during the opening weekend at the box office. Most of its returns came overseas.

DC Films Justice League Snyder Cut trailer with the League members.
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Credit: Warner Bros.

Despite having a different tune for the 2022 plans, HBO Max will still remain a major consideration for the film. Hamada stated, "With every movie that we're looking at now, we are thinking, What's the potential Max spin-off?" Basically, the plan is that if a certain project from a movie on the big screen looks promising, they may try making a spin-off for it on the streaming service. In fact, TV spin-offs based on the upcoming films titled The Batman (2022) and The Suicide Squad (2021) are already in pre-production status.


The plan also sets the company's intention to possibly employ a storytelling multiverse to be able to generate a huge volume of diverse content. The Flash with Ezra Miller (2022) will introduce the multiverse premise. This multiverse factor will patch up any loophole that will allow various actors to play the same character at the same time, without violating or discarding the canon. An example is both Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck reprising their roles as Batman for certain DC projects.

Meanwhile, Wonder Woman 1984 is out on COVID-safe cinemas and streaming on HBO Max.

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