David Schwimmer Poses Naked In The Shower To Poke Fun At His Friends Co-Star Jennifer Aniston’s Latest Photo

Credit: The Graham Norton Show/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: The Graham Norton Show/YouTube Screenshot

David Schwimmer is joining in on the fun… of sharing naked photos while in the shower, just like his Friends co-star, Jennifer Aniston.

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David Schwimmer Trolled Jennifer Aniston With His Naked Shower Selfie

On his Instagram account, David Schwimmer uploaded the adorable snap of himself covered in soap and with water from the shower dripping on his body. Schwimmer also made a face while both his eyes were shut.

“@jenniferaniston – a towel I hope??” Schwimmer captioned the photo.

Shortly after, Aniston commented on the snap and teased Schwimmer back.

“Schwim!? Trying to steal my thunder!?” Aniston wrote alongside a shocked face emoji and a red heart emoji.

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Jennifer Aniston Will Launch New Additions To Her Haircare Line Lolavie

This week, Aniston also uploaded a similar post on her Instagram account. But unlike Schwimmer’s photo, Aniston’s back is turned toward the camera while she is in the shower. In front of her are two black and white bottles from her haircare line, Lolavie.

Aniston captioned the snap by telling her millions of followers that she will make an announcement about her label on Thursday, Sept. 8. It’s not hard to assume that the actress’s news might have to do with a new shampoo and conditioner being included to the Lolavie brand.

Last year, Aniston opened up about Lolavie and said that the brand and its products have been in development for years.

“I had been involved in another hair company years ago, and that’s where I got the bug of getting to go behind the scenes of how you [choose] ingredients and the process of development and marketing and all of that. [My hair routine is] basically washing and conditioning it, putting the detangler on, brushing it through, putting it up in a towel for ten minutes, and then I either blow it out or let it dry naturally. We’re going to have a special launch for each one when they’re ready; it’ll be like little rollouts here and there,” she said last year (via Page Six).

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David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston Never Dated Each Other

Meanwhile, Schwimmer and Aniston also made headlines recently amid rumors that the former co-stars got into a serious fling last year. According to one magazine, Schwimmer and Aniston have always been smitten with each other, but it was only recently that they decided to act on their feelings.

However, Suggest immediately debunked the claims by confirming that Schwimmer and Aniston are nothing more than good friends.

Aniston herself denied the dating rumors during an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

“That was bizarre. I could not believe that, actually. Like, really? That’s my brother. But I understand it, though. It just shows you how hopeful people are for fantasies, for dreams to come true,” she said.

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