Darth Maul Helped Set the Stage for Ahsoka in Star Wars: The Mandalorian

Star Wars fans were pretty excited when word came out that Rosario Dawson was being cast as Ahsoka Tano in the second season of Star Wars: The Mandalorian. The last time that fans got to see Ahsoka in Star Wars canon was in the last episode of Star Wars Rebels where the former Padawan decides to journey together with Sabine Wren to search for Ezra in the outer rim of the galaxy.

This poses a significant question for Ahsoka. How exactly does the Rebel informant make her way to Mando (Pedro Pascal) and Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian?

While most fans assume that Din Djarin is simply going to bump into Ahsoka in Jon Favreau's hit live-action Star Wars series, others suspect that Darth Maul may play into Ahsoka's Mandalorian appearance.

In the latest episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars (via Inside The Magic), Star Wars fans get to see Ahsoka escaping from the prison cell where she's being held captive by the Pyke Syndicate. During her escape, the former Jedi Padawan overhears the Pykes speaking with Darth Maul through a hologram. It seems like the former Sith Lord has just managed to rebuild his shadow criminal organization, maintaining power over Mandalore.

According to Lucasfilm's Ahsoka novel, the Togrutan Rebel fighter leads the Army of the Grand Republic on a mission to remove Maul from power on Mandalore. The battle is a success, and the Darsaber which is in possession of Maul is returned to Bo-Katan in Star Wars Rebels right before it ends up in the hands of Moff Gideon in The Mandalorian.

This battle to remove Maul from Mandalore helps establish Ahsoka's relationship with the Mandalorians, and may set the stage for her appearance in the second season of The Mandalorian.

Sounds like a likely hypothesis, yes?

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