02 Oct 2018 12:39 PM +00:00 UTC

Dark Phoenix Was Inspired By Logan According to Director Simon Kinberg

Last year's Logan was kind of a game changer for the superhero genre, with many not only loving how it resembled a classic Western film but also acting as a fitting finale for Hugh Jackman's long tenure as Wolverine. It's a dark movie that many other films of the genre should take notes on and shows how good storytelling and character development beat special effects any day of the week.

Finding out a movie is partially inspired by Logan isn't surprising. However, when a movie like Dark Phoenix claims that it's taking inspiration from the movie, that will make most people do a 180 head turn. Maybe a 360 if you really hated the first trailer for the film.

Speaking with Collider (via ComicBook.com), director and long-time X-Men producer Simon Kinberg said that part of Logan's inspiration was removing X-Men from the movie title. Apparently, just calling the film Dark Phoenix will allow this story to feel more personal and character-driven when compared to previous X-Men movies. Hopefully, Kinberg is right because there are a lot of fans who do not like the most recent trailer of the film.

"I wanted to call it Dark Phoenix in again very much the way we wanted to call Logan 'Logan' as opposed to 'X-Men: Logan' to indicate that it's a different kind of film and to indicate that it's a more character-driven movie. And for me, and Hutch [Parker], as people who worked on X-Men III: The Last Stand, that didn't have any trace of Dark Phoenix in the title, we really wanted to indicate that this is the Dark Phoenix story and that she's at the center of this story, she's the A-plot of this story, everything around this story revolves really centrally around Jean/Dark Phoenix as really the subject of the movie, not the object of the movie."

The Dark Phoenix Saga is often heralded as the greatest X-Men storyline ever created, with years of buildup and character moments that could only be done in the medium of comic books. It's not just an X-Men classic but a comic book masterpiece and we can only hope that this new movie does it justice, especially after the travesty that was X-Men: The Last Stand.

Dark Phoenix is now slated for a June 7, 2019 release.

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