19 Mar 2018 10:20 AM +00:00 UTC

Dan Harmon Reveals Rick and Morty Season Four Is In Limbo

Things are not looking good for the Rick and Morty fandom. Season three, while excellent, was much shorter than expected and it looks like the fourth one is in trouble. Despite a massive fan base and a ton of acclaim from critics, Adult Swim has not renewed the popular animated program.

Dan Harmon, the show's creator, was recently accused by a fan of being a lazy alcoholic and was told to hurry the next season of the popular show. Harmon replied comedically, before stating that the show had not been renewed by Adult Swim, which is why no one is currently working on it.

Considering how the show has a fandom that brought back a sauce from McDonald's, it's quite surprising to know that it hasn't been renewed. Harmon didn't say why it hadn't been picked up yet and hasn't posted any replies since.


It's too early to assume that Rick and Morty has been canceled since the series is too popular for its own good. Spawning a series of comic books and a few video games, the fact that it's in limbo is truly surprising.

Rick and Morty can be streamed on Adult Swim and Netflix in some countries. Here's hoping that a fourth season is eventually coming.

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