Dakota Johnson Gives Promising Update on Spider-Man Spinoff Madame Web

Similarly to Marvel's other projects, the most important details are typically kept under wraps until the initial release. When the studios announced Spider-Man spinoff Madame Web, that’s all they provided, so fans worry each day if the film is still slated to debut given that some franchises have the tendency to scrap and delay projects with little explanation. However, MCU fans who are waiting for the status of Madame Web can finally breathe because Dakota Johnson shared an encouraging update on the spinoff.

Speaking with Variety, Johnson revealed that initial filming had wrapped and discussed her experience starring in the superhero project. “It was a wild experience,” she said. “I don’t think you can be prepped to go into anything like that, but I learned so much. It’s a completely different way of making films, you know? And then, I went into making one of my company’s tiny, tiny little movies right after, so I got a real taste of different kinds of cinema last year.”

Madam Web has undergone quite a few revisions since the casting, as Charlize Theron and Amy Adams were previously in the mix to play the clairvoyant hero. Additionally, the spinoff's release date was previously slated for July 7, 2023, then pushed to October 6, 2023, before it was moved again for a February release. Fans will be relieved to learn that the production has completed filming.

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The Spider-Man spinoff will focus on Madame Web, whose real name is Cassandra Webb. She’s a visually impaired psychic mutant who is a major ally to Spider-Man in the comic books because of her knowledge about The Great Web, which ties all Spider characters in the multiverse together. Johnson will portray the titular hero, and the film will be set in the same universe as both the Venom films and Morbius.

Aside from the Fifty Shades of Grey actress, Madame Web will also feature Euphoria's Sydney Sweeney, American Horror Story's Emma Roberts, Ghostbusters: Afterlife's Celeste O’Connor, Transformers: The Last Knight's Isabela Merced, alongside Severance's Adam Scott, The Upshaws' Mike Epps, and Golden Globe nominee Tahar Rahim.

Dakota first discussed her role with Entertainment Tonight in June 2022. “I’m so excited. It’s pretty cool to be in the Marvel world, especially with a character that’s not so known,” she said. “There’s a lot of space to make her very cool. I’m very excited. It’s always been a dream of mine to do some kind of massive action movie.”

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Madame Web will debut in theaters on February 16, 2024.

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