Crunchyroll Confirms More Simuldubs Coming Soon

Crunchyroll Simuldubs Carol Olston

Crunchyroll Simuldubs Carol Olston

Tomo-chan Is a Girl! got attention from fans because of its simultaneous Japanese and English dub (or simuldub) release on Crunchyroll. This won’t be a one-off though as Crunchyroll confirmed that more simuldub anime releases are coming soon.

Crunchyroll confirmed this in a recent press conference ahead of the upcoming Anime Awards which will feature Sally Amaki, the voice actress of Carol Olston in Tomo-chan.

Typically, anime English dubs are delayed by a few weeks to months. Some dubs are even released well after an anime’s Japanese language version has finished airing.

Sally Amaki’s Dual Roles in Tomo-chan Is a Girl!

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Tomo-chan Is a Girl! has an impressive voice cast for both its English and Japanese dubs. For instance, the Japanese version features the popular VA Rie Takahashi (Megumin in KonoSuba) as Tomo Aizawa.

But what got even more attention among many anime fans in the west is Sally Amaki. This is because she plays Carol Olston in both versions thanks to her fluency in English and Japanese.

Amaki is a singer and voice actress who became popular online thanks to her fluency in the two languages.

While she has been focusing on her idol career over the past years, Amaki has been getting more voice roles recently.

Her dual performances as Carol have been praised for perfectly matching the character -- which is great news for fans considering Carol is a fan favorite in the Tomo-chan fanbase.

Given Crunchyroll’s plans for more simuldub releases, there’s a possibility that Amaki will again play characters in both dubs for future shows.

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Crunchyroll Confirms More Simuldub Releases Coming Soon

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As for how Crunchyroll shared the info, Chief Content Officer Asa Suehira was asked during the Anime Awards press conference about future plans for simuldub releases. Suehira answered:

We have a lot of shows coming up that we want to [be] available with a simuldub. I’m not able to go into details [right now], but I can promise you there's gonna be a lot of exciting shows that will get a simuldub [soon].

While there aren’t any details yet about which anime will get simuldub releases, these shows will likely be produced by Aniplex. After all, Tomo-chan is an Aniplex-produced series.

The reason for this is Aniplex and Crunchyroll are both under the Sony Group.

As simuldub releases require the dub cast to get copies of the episodes in advance, this will likely only be possible with Aniplex shows, at least for now.

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