Tomo-chan Is a Girl!: Every Main Character's Height, Age, & Birthday

Tomo-chan Is a Girl!: Every Main Character's Height, Age & Birthday
Credit: lay duce

Tomo-chan Is a Girl!: Every Main Character's Height, Age & Birthday
Credit: lay duce

As Tomo-chan Is a Girl! garners some interest, fans might want to get to know the characters better. We've found out every Tomo-chan Is a Girl! main character's age, height, and birthday.

Tomo-chan Is a Girl! has been praised for being a refreshing school romance anime that avoids many negative tropes associated with the genre.

Therefore, it's no surprise that people identify with the main characters and would like to find out more about them.

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  1. Tomo Aizawa's Age, Birthday, and Height

    Tomo Aizawa, our fiery main character, is 15 years old when the show starts. Those following Tomo-chan Is a Girl!'s manga will learn that she turns 16 later in the story.

    Tomo's birthday is the 7th of July, though the exact chronology has not been shared. She's estimated to be around 170 cm tall, or around 5'5 ft -- again, there's no given number.

    Tomo is a young protagonist, but the anime doesn't shy away from showing how gender stereotypes already affect her and other girls her age.

  2. Jun Kubota's Age, Birthday, and Height

    Like Tomo, Jun starts the series as a 15-year-old but turns 16 during the latter events of the series.

    Jun is a few months younger than Tomo. His birthday is on the 31st of October, making him a Halloween kid!

    Jun's estimated height is around 185 cm or around 6 feet. While he's quite a bit taller than Tomo, this doesn't prevent her from overpowering him often.

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  3. Misuzu Gundou's Age, Birthday, and Height

    Misuzu is Tomo's stoic and rather manipulative friend, who nevertheless tries to help our main character in her romantic pursuits.

    Since she, Tomo, and Jun are classmates, Misuzu is also 15 years old.

    Misuzu's height isn't known, but she's thought to be one of the petite female characters in the show.

    Tomo, while by no means too tall, is a bit taller than other female characters, emphasizing that her appearance isn't what people would traditionally consider "feminine."

    Tomo-chan Is a Girl!: Misuzu's Height
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    Given how the three main female characters look when standing side by side, we would guess that Misuzu's height is around 155 cm or 5'1 - 5'2.

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  4. Carol Olston's Age, Birthday, and Height

    Carol is an international student of British descent. Initially, she was hostile towards Tomo, but the two soon became friends.

    Carol is 16 years old and her birthday is on the 9th of March.

    Her height isn't known, but she's taller than Misuzu and shorter than Tomo, so we'd guess she's around 165 cm, or 5'4.

    Carol's character design is a bit different compared to other female characters.

    As the romance anime deals with gender stereotypes and how this affects the characters, Carol's design (and other characters' reactions to her) seem based on idealized depictions of Western women in Japanese media.

  5. Kosuke Misaki's Age, Birthday, and Height

    Misaki is Tomo's upperclassman and karate partner. He's 17 years old and has his birthday on the 14th of January.

    Misaki's height isn't officially known, but we'd say he's around Tomo's height based on some of the scenes in which we've seen them together.

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