Crisis Showrunner Confirms Arrowverse Heroes Don’t Know There’s a Multiverse

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The fifth and final part of Crisis on Infinite Earths featured the birth of a new multiverse after being destroyed in the hands of the infamous Anti-Monitor. However, it looks like none of the Arrowverse heroes aren't even aware of this creation.

Over on Twitter, Crisis showrunner Marc Guggenheim responded to a fan who seems to be quite confused as to why some of the characters mentioned that the multiverse is gone. "The Earth Prime heroes don't know there's still a multiverse," he revealed. "Shh. Don't tell ‘em." You can check out the exchange below.

Guggenheim is most likely implying that the other worlds are closed, well, for now, at least. The heroes aren't aware of the new multiverse yet and are ought to accept was has happened to Earth-38. That being said, fans are hoping that they'd see the heroes discover this creation in the near future and are looking forward to more adventures.


On another note, it looks like Guggenheim already has plans for the next crossover. He made it clear that it won't be as big as Crisis, but he revealed that he and The CW CEO Mark Pedowitz were already talking about "returning to the roots" of their crossovers, leaving it to the fans to interpret what he actually means.

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All five parts of Crisis on Infinite Earths are available to stream on The CW app and website

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