Criminal Minds Reboot Release Date, News & Update: Details About Matthew Gray Gubler's Exit Revealed

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Credit: Vanity Fair/YouTube

Regarding Matthew Gray Gubler's decision not to return for the Criminal Minds reboot, Paget Brewster has something to say.

The iconic CBS procedural was cancelled in 2020, but because of its continued popularity, Paramount+ decided to bring it back just two years later. After a few false starts, Criminal Minds has finally been renewed for a ten-episode season 16 that will start production soon.

The entire season of the reboot will be devoted to one case, which will revolve around an UnSub who has started a network of serial killers during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Matthew Gray Gubler Opts Out of Criminal Minds Reboot

In a recent interview with Looper for her new film Hypochondriac, Brewster discusses the Criminal Minds reboot without Gubler. Though production has yet to begin, the actress has already pondered on working on the project without him and has come to grips with it.

“He did 15 years straight through. From 25 to 40, the guy was on one show, and that's when we shot 22, 24 episodes a year. He was never able to go do other stuff, so I understand. He wants to direct. He graduated from NYU to direct, and his first audition was "Criminal Minds,” Brewster said.

“Imagine you never expected to be an actor and then suddenly it's 15 years of your life. I understand why. I'm hoping he changes his mind, but I understand why he wants to do other things.”

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A Change

Reid maintained his position as one of the show's most notable characters throughout its existence, despite Criminal Minds being an ensemble piece. Aside from the passionate fan response, Reid was at the center of numerous significant plotlines, including one in which Cat Adams, played by Aubrey Plaza, falsely accused him of murder.

Without a doubt, the dynamics of the Criminal Minds reboot will be different without him, and fans who have adored him for 15 seasons undoubtedly find it devastating.

However, as Brewster notes, Gubler's life was largely occupied by the first season of Criminal Minds. Although he has acted in several projects, his most well-known role is as the endearingly eccentric Reid. It makes sense that he could want a change as a result.

Will We See Reid in Future Episodes?

There may be space for Gubler to make another cameo as Reid if Paramount+ decides to continue the Criminal Minds reboot after its debut season. Brewster acknowledges that she is unsure of what lies next.

It may be presumed that Reid will be included in the Criminal Minds reboot regardless of whether he appears on screen or not.

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