Crayon Pop Member Choa Announces Marriage



Crayon Pop Choa is ready to take on a new journey as she announces her marriage to her non-showbiz fiancé. Reports said she met the man three years ago through a mutual friend. The man, who is an entrepreneur, is six years older than her.

The news came as a shock to fans, especially since she and the members of Crayon Pop never released an official statement about what happened to the group. Still, she assured everyone she would be marrying the right man she loves the most.

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Crayon Pop Choa Pens Heartfelt Message To Announce Marriage

On Friday, Happy Married Company revealed that Choa will get married on December 25 in Seoul. The K-pop idol herself delivered the news to her fans through a heartfelt post.

On her Instagram account, the K-pop idol shared photos of her wearing a wedding gown alongside a handwritten letter to announce her marriage. According to Choa, she felt she met the ideal man she always pictured. She then described him as someone easy to talk to and has values similar to hers.

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"As we dated, I became even more certain [that he was the one] because of his work ethic and thoughtful, considerate personality," she said, adding, "Although it still hasn't really kicked in [that I'm getting married], I feel safe and secure just knowing that I now have a companion with whom I'll be spending the rest of my life."

Choa clarified that she would pursue her current activities even after her marriage. She promised to continue working as a reporter and upload more content on her YouTube channel soon.

Lastly, she hinted at her upcoming project album she has been working on, saying she plans to release it in the first half of next year.

Choa Thanks Fans For Supporting Her

In the same post, Choa sent her gratitude to her fans, who have been supporting her since she debuted with Crayon Pop.

The K-pop idol gave her fans all the credits since she believes she would not be where she is if not for them.

"I won't forget these feelings of gratitude and will always keep them engraved in my heart. After I get married, I will take even more responsibility and repay my fans by being even more active with a wider variety of promotions," she went on.

Fans showered her with congratulatory messages through their social media accounts and tagged Choa to make her feel loved.

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