Comedian Park Soo Hong Hospitalized After His Own Father Assaulted Him

Credit: KBS WORLD TV/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: KBS WORLD TV/YouTube Screenshot

Korean comedian Park Soo Hong faced another issue amid his brother's embezzlement scandal.

Reports about Park Soo Hong's hospitalization emerged after the comedian and TV personality attended the cross-examination at the prosecutor's office as part of the proceedings related to his brother's embezzlement charges.

But the meeting led him to be rushed to a hospital.

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Park Soo Hong's Father Assaulted Comedian

SBS News confirmed on Tuesday that Park Soo Hong was rushed and admitted to a hospital after his father assaulted him amid his cross-examination with the prosecutors at the Seoul Western District Prosecutor's Office. He was reportedly scheduled to meet them at 10:00 a.m. as part of his brother's case.

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His father was also in the area as a witness.

The comedian's lawyer revealed that the patriarch assaulted him several times before threatening to stab him with a weapon. Police and emergency personnel were called to the prosecutor's office while Park Soo Hong was rushed to a nearby hospital.

As of press time, details about his status and the injuries he sustained remain unknown.

What Happened to Park Soo Hong's Brother?

The case involving Park Soo Hong's brother started when the comedian revealed that his sibling scammed his entire life's earnings while working as his manager.

The brother reportedly stole over $1.47 million in the past years. His wife is also being investigated for being an accessory to the crime and using around $69,800 on beauty salons, fitness centers, and their children's lessons.

During Park Soo Hong's friends' appearance on True Story Expedition, they revealed that the comedian thought he had a good relationship with his brother. The personality himself then appeared on the show and shared his thoughts.

"No one can live alone in this world, you need someone to trust fully. So I truly trusted him. I believed him when he said 'This is yours,' or when he said 'get this insurance.' because I thought he lived his life for me," he said.

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