Cloverfield 4 Will Be A 'Crazy' Movie According To J.J. Abrams

The world is buzzing about Cloverfield again, thanks to the surprise Superbowl trailer revealing The Cloverfield Paradox. It might not have been the best film, getting low scores from critics, but it did get people talking about the franchise and has actually increased interest in the sequel. Since Cloverfield 4 is coming out this year, currently going by the name Overlord, and producer J.J. Abrams has decided to hype up the next film.

Speaking with Digital Spy, Abrams was able to hype up the upcoming film without giving away too many details. Considering how secretive the other installments in the franchise are, this was somewhat expected.

Here are the vague details regarding Overlord from Abrams himself:

"Overlord ... first of all it's something that I can't wait for you to see cause the director, Julius Avery, has done an amazing job on it. But the specifics, you know, we should wait and see. But that's really a crazy movie."

Overlord will be set in an alternate WWII setting, which will have the Nazis using supernatural forces to their advantage. This is nothing new and has been used in a ton of Captain America comics but it will still be fun seeing how the film turns out.

We will be seeing Overlordin theaters on October 26.

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