Claudia Kim Calls Squid Game Actor Park Hae Soo Very Lively During Chimera Filming

Credit: OCN

Credit: OCN

The Korean film and TV industry took over the spotlight even more after Squid Game’s success, and Park Hae Soo’s new co-star Claudia Kim feels that.

Following the success of Netflix’s mystery thriller series, Park Hae Soo has been tapped to work with Claudia Kim in the new OCN series, Chimera. The series already began haunting viewers’ minds on Saturday, and it will continue to do so every Saturday and Sunday.

The newest flick tackles the explosion that caused a serial murder case everyone dubbed as the Chimera case. Thirty-five years since the first incident happened, a new explosion occurs.

As they seek the truth behind the case, Claudia Kim recently turned off her working mode and shared her thoughts on working with Park Hae Soo.

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Claudia Kim Thanks Park Hae Soo For Making Chimera Set Lively

Park Hae Soo
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Credit: OCN

In a new interview, Claudia Kim revealed that Park Hae Soo made it easier to film their scenes as the actor shared his energy with everyone.

Per the actress, the Squid Game star has a very dynamic attitude that helps everyone maintain a friendly atmosphere on set.

“While working with him, I laughed a lot, and he made it possible for us to have fun even while pulling off difficult shoots,” she said, as quoted by Soompi.

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Claudia Kim added that, even during breaks, Park Hae Soo helped her become “close with her character” by sharing their respective concerns.

Meanwhile, the actor also showered her with compliments in another interview, praising her for her “big heart” toward the crew and cast members. He also expressed his gratitude toward the actress for giving him strength whenever he acted with her.

Claudia Kim, Park Hae Soo Also Lucky To Work With Lee Hee Joon

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Credit: OCN

Aside from exchanging respects, the duo also commended Lee Hee Joon’s performance and shared how it is like to work with him.

According to Claudia Kim, they needed to uphold the tension between her and Lee Hee Joon’s characters during the filming. Still, it did not eliminate the praiseworthy environment he established.

For Park Hae Soo’s part, he confessed that he chose to join the series because he wanted to try working with his co-star. Indeed, he gained more while acting with him and followed Lee Hee Joon’s lead all throughout the filming.

In the end, the Squid Game actor called Lee Hee Joon an incredible and warm person whom he would like to take after.

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