CIX Member Addresses Bae Jin Young's Bullying Controversy in Hanteo Music Awards' Acceptance Speech
Credit: MBC ENTERTAINMENT/YouTube Screenshot
Credit: MBC ENTERTAINMENT/YouTube Screenshot

CIX member Kim Seung Hun addressed Bae Jin Young’s bullying controversy in one of the group’s acceptance speeches.

The Hanteo Music Awards welcomed several K-pop acts and recognized them with different awards. For CIX, the group scored the post-generation award. The K-pop boy group previously won the K-pop Singer Award at the Korea Culture and Entertainment Awards and the Male Idol Rising Star Award at the Korea First Brand Awards.

During the group’s acceptance speech, Kim Seung Hun gave his speech that seemingly referenced his co-member’s bullying controversy.

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CIX Kim Seung Hun Says Boy Group Members Are Close

A fan shared a clip from the Hanteo Music Awards ceremony on Feb. 11, showing CIX members as they accepted their newest award.

During the speech, member Kim Seung Hun shared his thoughts about the award and seemingly talked about the issue surrounding Bae Jin Young’s name.

"Us 5 members are really close friends, and we're working hard towards one dream. I'd appreciate it if you could give us a lot of support and love,” he said in Korean.

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For what it’s worth, internet users recently speculated that Bae Jin Young — who is also a former member of Wanna One — was suffering from bullying by his fans and CIX members.

They shared a video of the idol during a tour with CIX in which he was regarded by his members and the fandom.

“Whenever Bae Jin Young would try to speak, fans would call out names and would shout out loud, preventing the idol from speaking. Ultimately, Bae Jin Young gives up on talking to fans on his turn,” one explained.

Fans immediately assumed that Bae Jin Young was receiving such treatment since he was a former Wanna One member and he is more popular compared to other members.

Bae Jin Young’s Agency Speaks Up About Controversy

After the rumors emerged, Bae Jin Young’s agency dismissed the claims and said that the rumors were not true.

It warned of taking legal action against those who posted and spread the edited video. The clip, however, went viral even more when Bae Jin Young’s former colleague in Wanna One, Kim Jae Hwan, shared the same video alongside a “thinking emoji.”

He also replied to a fan, writing, "As a hyung who shared the same memories, I can upload it if I feel upset, can't I? Laugh."

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