Chunkz Net Worth: How Much Does Youtuber Make? What Are His Sources Of Income?

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Credit: Chunkz/YouTube Screenshot

Chunkz, whose real name is Amin Mohammed, is one of the most popular social media personalities today. The English YouTuber, host, entertainer and former musician has a massive following on social media. Check out how much his net worth is.

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Chunkz Net Worth: Social Media Personality Worth Almost $500,000

Chunkz has an estimated worth of around $465,000, Otakukart reported. The 25-year-old social media personality has a solid fanbase with 2.4 million followers on Instagram and 1.9 million subscribers on YouTube.

Many love Chunkz because of his natural and real content. The figure reported is just an estimate because he didn't disclose his net worth.

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Chunkz makes money from his YouTbe earnings and other sources, including promoting and marketing his own products, sponsorships, and more.

His YouTube channel makes 65,000 daily views. So, he probably makes an estimate of $700 every day because YouTubers usually make $3 - $7 per every thousand monetizes views through video ads. Some YouTubers can charge over $7 and if he shares top revenue, he could make up to $409,000 annually, excluding his external source of income and collaborations with other artists.

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Chunkz Life And Career: Why He Quit Music

Chunkz was born into a Muslim Somali family in 1996 in northwest London. He was the youngest in the family. His parents and siblings have been supportive of his career.

He grew up with a passion for music, rap, and filmmaking. He is also a fan of social media personalities like KSI, David Vujanic and Poet.

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He currently resides in a $5 million mansion in England with four of his pals from Beta Squad — Niko Omlana, AJ Shabeel, Sharky and King Kenny. All of them are under the media company Studio71.

Chunkz started as a small YouTuber. He used to film videos in his family home in 2015 and his content includes hilarious clips where he would teach his friends basic meals. Many noticed him for those types of content.

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In 2017, he appeared in Big Shaq's viral spoof music video Man's Not Hot, which garnered over 390 million views. He scored a contract the following year and won the International Somali award for the best entertainer. He also received a Mobo award in 2020.

Last year's Soccer Aid match at Old Trafford, he missed a crucial penalty and he jokingly referred to it as the worst day of his life. It became viral and led to Sky's weekend football entertainment show Saturday Social.

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In May 2021, Chunkz announced that he was retiring from music due to his religion. In a video, he spoke with fellow YouTuber and Beta Squad member Sharky and explained that he felt music was not in line with his religious beliefs.

"I have to stop for the sake of God," Chunkz explained.

His announcement trended on Twitter and most responses were positive. His fans and followers were supportive of his decision.

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"It was not what I expected, but it was the best reaction I could have asked for," he told The Guardian.


As for his future plans, Chunkz said that he just wants to be "happy" and make more TV shows and films.

"The sky's the limit for me," he added.

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