Chris McKay Confirms LEGO Batman 2

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DC Extended Universe's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice might have disappointed fans, but not The LEGO Batman. Premiering in cinemas last year, the computer-animated superhero comedy directed by Chris McKay didn't just do well at the box office, it received a whole lot of positive reviews from fans and critics. Now, it looks like fans might actually be getting a LEGO Batman Movie 2.

McKay might not be very active on Twitter, but it looks like the filmmaker responded to a gushing fan inquiry on Twitter asking whether we'd be getting another LEGO Batman movie. Taking to his official account, McKay confirmed that he and his team have actually started working on LEGO Batman Movie 2 while promoting another upcoming LEGO movie, The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part, a film directed by Mike Mitchell and Trisha Gum.

Check out McKay's post down here:

This is pretty exciting news for DC fans. Everyone loved the humor of the LEGO Batman movie – not only did the film poke fun at many of Batman's flaws and eccentricities, but it also had a lot of great pop culture references and jabs.

Though McKay doesn't really specify what part of production he and his team are already in, it's very likely that the director's just begun pre-production of the LEGO Batman Movie 2, so it's probably going to take a while before we actually get to see the film in cinemas. Or who knows, maybe McKay's already begun working on the film's animation. Let's just wait for more news from the director.

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