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Chris Hemsworth Gets Honest About His Cancelled Star Trek Movie

A few years ago, there were plans for Chris Hemsworth to reprise his role as George Kirk in a new Star Trek movie and team up with Chris Pine's James T. Kirk, his on-screen son. However, as we all know now, the project didn't end up happening and Paramount Pictures is still continuing its attempt to make another movie in the franchise.

Since its cancellation, we've been hearing some details about why exactly it didn't push through. Now, in a recent interview with Josh Horowitz's Happy Sad Confused podcast (via Screen Rant), Hemsworth sheds some light on its cancellation as well as expressed his concerns regarding the concept.

"A few reasons, but it wasn’t what I was thinking it would have been or could have been. And I thought, ‘Oh, cool, let’s figure that out and keep going’ and then I think everyone just got busy and so on," he said. "It’d be a bit weird now to flash back to your father and ‘Why is he so much older than when he died?’"

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Until now, there are fans who are still disappointed that the project didn't end up happening since it would have also been cool to see the two Chrises star together in the film for an adventure in the final frontier. Whether it actually works or not, just the idea of the two actors teaming up is intriguing enough.

Right now, Paramount Pictures is still mounting a new Star Trek movie which recently had a setback when director Matt Shakman left the project to direct an MCU film instead which also resulted in the studio removing it from their release calendar. There are still no updates on whether the film will still happen.

While this iteration of the project ends up getting canceled, it also still doesn't put down the possibility of Hemsworth returning to the franchise in some capacity although we may not have to count on that anytime soon since the actor is currently on a break from his acting career.

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