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Zachary Quinto Casts Doubt on Star Trek 4's Chances of Getting Made

For the past couple of years, there have been attempts to make a fourth Star Trek movie with the Kelvin timeline cast set to return. However, the project hit a road bump recently when director Matt Shakman exited the film to helm Marvel's Fantastic Four instead. Since then, a lot of fans have been wondering whether the film is still actually happening at all.

In a recent interview with The Independent, Zachary Quinto, who plays Spock, shared his doubts that the fourth Star Trek film will still happen despite his interest in returning to the franchise and reuniting with his former co-stars.

"At this point, I honestly have very little attachment to it. All of us would like to come back and make another movie, but I’ve learned to only get excited about things I know are actually real. And there’s nothing about a fourth Star Trek movie that feels real right now," he said.

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Considering that Paramount Pictures has not tapped a new director and the film was recently removed from its release calendar, it is not surprising to hear at this point that there is no movement on the development of the project and one of its stars feels doubtful that it might still happen at all.

So far, the project is still in development as far as we know and there haven't been any reports or announcements that it has been canceled. Since the Star Trek franchise is one of the studio's major IPs, they will definitely try to attempt to make the film happen and do everything that they can for it to finally move forward after years of delays and behind-the-scenes troubles.

For now, let's just wait for news and updates on the development of the project, especially once they finally find a new director who can finally lead the film into the final frontier.

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