Chris Evans Might be Teasing a Role in Rick and Morty Season 4

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Chris Evan's role as Captain America reached its characters' resolution upon the release of the highest-grossing film of all time, Avengers: Endgame, earlier this year. However, it seems like he'll want to try his hand at the animated series Rick and Morty.

Evans has always been vocal about his love for Rick and Morty, he was even a part of counting down the days till the new season's release on his Twitter. But with all the past tweets he had posted, is it possible that he's trying to tell us something here?

This is what Comic Book is trying to suggest in their new report, saying that the Knives Out actor could be teasing a role for the newest season. You can check out Evans' tweet below.


It is possible that he's just showing his adoration for the show. After all, fans always tweet about a show, movie, or a character they like so it won't be different from Evans' tweets. But with all the tweets he's been letting out lately, it could be easily thought of as a way to show his support but could have an underlying meaning to it.

If you recall back in June, Evans also tweeted about Rick and Morty saying that there's no other show than the aforementioned series. He even tweeted about the series, telling us that there are only 3 weeks until Season 4 premieres. And now, his latest tweet.


It is likely that we're reading into this too much. However, it wouldn't be a bad thing for Evans to be included in the series. Even a cameo would be cool too. Considering that he could basically get any project he likes if he wanted to, he could be in the show.

What are your thoughts about Evans' tweets? Do you think he'll make a cameo on Rick and Morty Season 4?

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