Chris Evans, Ana De Armas Did Joint Press Tours Together For ‘The Gray Man’ Sans Ryan Gosling? Male Co-Stars Allegedly Feuding After They Got Into An Accident On Set

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Chris Evans, Ryan Gosling, and Ana de Armas are the three main cast members of the hit Netflix movie, The Gray Man. Before the film was released for the entire world to see, the trio went on press tours together. But there were claims that Evans and Gosling did not always promote their movie together because they were feuding.

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Chris Evans, Ryan Gosling Not Feuding With Each Other Following An On-Set Accident

Suggest immediately debunked the rumors by calling them bizarre. After all, one publication insisted that Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling had a falling out after the former accidentally hit the latter on the face while they were rehearsing with a gun on set.

But Suggest also stressed the fact that accidents do happen. And since Evans and Gosling have been in the entertainment industry for decades, it’s highly likely for the co-stars to understand this.


Before the feud rumors were debunked, Life & Style claimed that Evans and Gosling’s feud was quite serious because the latter refused to join the former and Ana de Armas when they promoted The Gray Man.

“Chris has been doing interviews with Ana de Armas while Ryan mostly promotes the movie on his own,” a source said.

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Chris Evans, Ryan Gosling Attended The Red-Carpet Premiere For The Gray Man


However, Suggest insisted that there is no truth to the claims. In fact, Gosling and Evans reunited on the red-carpet premiere of The Gray Man. And since the filming for the movie happened over a year ago, it was evident that the co-stars had already moved on from the accident.

More recently, Gosling and Evans look perfectly civil. It’s pretty common for press tours to separate stars to get as many interviews in as possible. The place you’d expect to see both would be the red carpet, and both were all smiles on that occasion. Speaking for Gosling and the rest of the cast, Evans wrote: ‘We had a blast!’” the publication said.

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Ryan Gosling Calls Chris Evans’ Mustache ‘Trash Stash’


During his interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Gosling even poked fun at Evans’ mustache. The fact that the co-stars could tease each other proves that they are really quite close.

At the time, Gosling dubbed Evans’ mustache as “trash stash”, and some fans sided with him because they were unimpressed with how the Captain America star looked with a full face covering.
“I feel better knowing Chris Evans had that mustache for a role and not because he thought it looked good,” one fan tweeted (via E! News).

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