Choi Min Soo Hurt: Actor Suffers Motorcycle Accident In Seoul, Rushed To Hospital After Crash

Credit: tvN

Credit: tvN

Choi Min Soo, one of the most acclaimed actors in South Korea, has been subject to criticism in the past years due to different controversies.

The Korean actor began losing support little by little since the 2008 scandal where he was involved in an assault case. He also lost his position in the KBS variety show A Look At Myself after punching the show's main director.

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In 2019, he was put under two years of probation following his retaliatory driving issue in 2018.

Two years after facing driving violation charges, Choi Min Soo found himself in a similar situation again.

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Choi Min Soo Injured After Horrifying Motorcycle Crash

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Credit: tvN

Yonhap News and MBN confirmed that the actor suffered from back injuries following his crash on Thursday.

The accident reportedly happened around 1:45 p.m. on the road in Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. The actor was trying to change lanes when the incident occurred, and he was also hit by an approaching car during the collision.

Following the crash, the responders rushed Choi Min Soo to St. Mary's Hospital in Yeouido, Seoul, where he received immediate treatment. Fortunately, his injury will not affect the production of his upcoming film, Woognami, in any way.

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Meanwhile, a representative of his agency has already released a statement to address the issue.

"Currently, he is undergoing an examination at the hospital. The results should come out, but it is not a serious injury, so it is unlikely that filming will be affected," the company said.

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Choi Min Soo Once Sentenced For Retaliatory Driving

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Credit: tvN

Apart from the recent incident, Choi Min Soo also suffered from a similar case years ago.

In 2019, the Seoul Southern District Court previously gave the actor a prison sentence of six months suspended for two years of probation. It means that he would receive charges once he commits an offense within that two-year probation period.

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Choi Min Soo maintained his innocence, denying the accusations that he passed a vehicle before stopping in front of it and causing a car accident. He was also accused of verbally abusing the female driver as they tried to talk about what truly happened.

The actor planned to file an appeal at that time, but his fans and the public never heard from him again about the incident.

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