Chisato & Takina Dress Up to Announce Big Lycoris Recoil Event in February

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lycoris recoil stage event chisato
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As fans eagerly await news for a second season, Lycoris Recoil announced a big stage event that’s happening this February.

The announcement was made via the show’s official pages, and it features a special artwork of Chisato and Takina in cute, fancy dresses.


Not to be outdone, Mizuki, Mika, and Kurumi are also wearing their best attire for the event.

Along with the new visual, details about the event, including appearances from the voice cast were detailed on the anime’s website.

Lycoris Recoil February 2023 Event

lycoris recoil takina

Anime stage events are a common occurrence in Japan, as they are typically a way to further promote the show, be it for an upcoming home video release or a possible next season.

While it’s been a couple of months now since the first season ended, the interest in Lycoris Recoil is still high, especially in Japan.

For instance, the main heroines Chisato and Takina ranked highly in a recent Japanese anime character poll.

Because of the show’s popularity, it’s no surprise to see a stage event even though the anime’s run has already ended.

But it’s interesting to note how the show’s staff went the extra mile to create a special visual featuring new clothes for the cast.

As for what to expect, this Lycoris Recoil stage event in February will feature the show’s main cast, including Chika Anzai (Chisato), Shion Wakayama (Takina), Misaki Kuno (Kurumi), and more.

Even the show’s opening singer, ClariS, will be at the event, giving fans a special performance of the LycoReco OP.


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Lycoris Recoil Fans Expect a Season 2 Announcement

lycoris recoil chisato

Given how the main cast will be present along with how heavily the event is being promoted, some fans are speculating that the event might see a Season 2 announcement.

In a tweet promoting the event, some Japanese fans said that they believe a second season will be announced there.

There’s reason to believe this as other anime such as My Dress-Up Darling have used stage events like these to announce a sequel.


Of course, this is all just speculation now as the event might just be a special treat for fans and promotion for the Blu-ray release.

Still, it wouldn’t be surprising if we get a Lycoris Recoil Season 2 announcement there, especially considering how the first season became one of the biggest, unexpected anime hits of 2022.

The upcoming LycoReco event is happening on February 11, 2023, at the Sumida Triphony Hall in Tokyo.

Tickets are priced at JPY 7,700 (around USD 60) and will go on sale on January 28.

Fans can also watch a live stream of the event, though a viewing ticket priced at JPY 3,500 (around USD 27) is required to get access.

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