Chicago Med Season 7 Spoilers, News & Update: Dr. Ethan Choi Learns A Secret About His Father

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Credit: One Chicago/YouTube

A new subplot concerning Dr. Ethan Choi's father, Patrick, was introduced in Chicago Med Season 7 . Ethan found that his father had a brain tumor, and he died shortly after.

Ethan afterward discovered that his father was harboring a major secret. This causes Ethan to reflect on his father's life.

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Chicago Med Season 7: Patrick’s secret

Dr. Daniel Charles joins Ethan to reconcile with his father in Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 12. Ethan discovers that his father has a brain tumor that will kill him. For months, he has kept this information from his family.

Ethan tries to talk to Patrick, but he merely sends him on an errand. At the end of the episode, Dr. Charles answers the phone for Ethan and informs him that Patrick has died.

Later, Ethan makes an unexpected discovery regarding his father's past. Patrick was in love with Gerald, with whom he served in the military. For years, the couple kept their relationship a secret.

In Episode 21, Ethan goes to see Gerald and discovers that he has images of Patrick's relatives all over the house.

“I felt like you were all my family too. Fifty years, we had a life together, but no one could know,” Gerald tells him.

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Ethan is furious when he learns that his father has concealed a major secret from him for so long. However, with Gerald's guidance, he realizes Patrick was trying to protect him.

Patrick’s military committal service in Chicago Med Season 7 finale

Dr. Dean Archer joins Ethan at his father's military committal service at the end of the Chicago Med Season 7 . To honor his father, Ethan is given an American flag at the ceremony. Ethan then gives the flag to Gerald.

“You’re the one who should have this,” Ethan says in a touching scene.

Chicago Med will return with new episodes in fall 2022.

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