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Charlie Cox Teases How Daredevil Reboot Is 'Less Gory' On Disney+

Daredevil was canceled on Netflix back in 2018, but was announced a chance at Disney+ with its own reboot show this year, titled Daredevil: Born Again, which sounds very timely seeing that the series will be focusing on Matt Murdock living in Hell’s Kitchen. While plot details are being kept under wraps, Daredevil star Charlie Cox teases that the reboot is set to be different on Disney+ streaming site.

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Recently speaking with NME, Cox touches upon the possible changes that Daredevil: Born Again might undergo as it transitions to the kid-friendly streaming site. The actor emphasizes that his character is meant to be R-Rated, however, given the Disney+ for its platform, Cox speculates it won’t be as gory. Check out his full quote below:

“My opinion is this character works best when he’s geared towards a slightly more mature audience. My instinct is that on Disney+, it will be dark but it probably won’t be as gory.” Cox says, “I would say to those people, we’ve done that. Let’s take the things that really worked, but can we broaden? Can we appeal to a slightly younger audience without losing what we’ve learned about what works?”

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Deadpool 3 is bound to be ‘raw’ and ‘gritty’, maintaining its R-Rated theme, and with Deadpool and more mutants joining the MCU, it would be interesting how the MCU would adjust with the sudden inclusion of gorey films. Cox also mentioned previously how his Daredevil could possibly fit somewhere with Deadpool, while also teasing the potential of having a ‘similar theme’ to Deadpool 3. Seeing as nothing’s been confirmed yet, it’s safer to take the possibility as a grain of salt for now.

Unfortunately, Daredevil: Born Again has no official release date yet, but is set for release with its 18 episodes in Spring 2024.

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