Shooting Stars Episode 5 Release Date And Time, Preview: Do Soo Hyeok Starts Pursuing Oh Han Byul, Gong Tae Sung Looks Threatened

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Credit: tvN Asia/YouTube Screenshot

Shooting Stars episode 5 preview shows the growing number of queries about Oh Han Byul and Gong Tae Sung’s relationship.

The new tvN drama features Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Young Dae. It tells the story of Oh Han Byul (Lee Sung Kyung), the head of an entertainment agency’s PR team, who meets her greatest nemesis, Kim Young Dae’s Gong Tae Sung.

The drama itself also depicts the realistic set-up of people who work for celebrities behind the scenes in South Korea’s entertainment industry.

Here is what happened in Shooting Stars episode 4 and what viewers can expect in episode 5.

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Shooting Stars Episode 4 Recap

Oh Han Byul gets involved in a disaster again after running toward Gong Tae Sung when she sees that he is about to collapse. She trips herself and slides until she reaches the actor and the security personnel’s legs and stops between them.

The incident’s video immediately goes viral, and Gong Tae Sung starts to bully her again.

The filming of The World of Stars starts. But Korea’s top star faces an embarrassing moment again after Byeon Jung Yeol hangs his underwear in public to dry it easily. The whole PR team then saves the day and arrives at the filming location with a food and coffee truck.

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Byeon Jung Yeol makes an impressive impression on Gong Tae sung when he saves an old man who availed a citron tea in the coffee truck.

Shooting Stars episode 4 also reveals that Kang Yoo Sung left the set to meet Eun Si Woo. It also highlights Do Soo Hyeok’s growing feelings toward the PR team leader, with the threatened Gong Tae Sung overhearing the conversation about the lawyer asking Oh Han Byul out.

Shooting Stars episode 4 epilogue shows Park Ho Yeong and the other staff practicing how to close the van’s door properly after actor Han Sung Il got mad over the manager’s way of slamming it.

Shooting Stars Episode 5 Preview

Gong Tae Sung sees their college’s magazine with his and Oh Han Byul’s photo on the cover. The PR team leader receives a question again about whether or not they dated in college.

Korea’s top star asks her what she would feel if someone asked if they were dating.

The next episode also highlights how Do Soo Hyeok and Oh Han Byul grow closer after the lawyer asks her to meet a good lawyer like him since he is not dating anyone.

Because of this, Gong Tae Sung plots something and gives Byun Jung Yeol his first mission. He then faces Do Soo Hyeok and hints at their rivalry getting more intense.

Shooting Stars Episode 5 Release Date and Time

Shooting Stars episode 5 will be aired on May 6, and it will release new episodes every Friday and Saturday at 10:40 p.m. KST.

Here’s a glance at Shooting Stars episode 5 release dates in other regions:

Central Time: 8:40 AM (May 6)

Greenwich Mean Time: 01:40 PM (May 6)

Eastern Time: 9:40 AM (May 6)

Pacific Time: 6:40 AM (May 6)

Philippine Time: 9:40 PM (May 6)


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