aespa Suffers Harassment at Kyungbock High School; Institution Issues 2nd Apology After Incident

Credit: SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

aespa members have, unfortunately, suffered from harassment when they performed at an all-boys high school.

On Monday, aespa became the latest act under SM Entertainment to perform at the company founder’s alma mater, Kyungbock High School. Lee Soo Man, the head of aespa’s agency, traditionally sends groups and musicians to the school’s festival each year.

What was supposed to be a memorable festival infuriated local and international fans due to the inappropriate behavior the students showed.

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aespa Members Harassed; School Issues Apology

The controversy began when several students rushed onto the stage during aespa’s performance to take pictures with the group. It happened again when the group was leaving the school.

Due to a lack of bodyguards and security measures, aespa members failed to control the crowd.

Following the performance, screen captures of social media posts shared by the high school students went viral as they posted sexually inappropriate comments.

With that, fans and Korean netizens immediately sparked outrage toward the students’ behaviors and security issues. Secure the safety of aespa also trended worldwide on Monday.

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Kyungbock High School, per Korea JoongAng Daily, issued an apology statement on its website. While it admitted to the students’ conduct, it dismissed the claims that the posts were made by its students.

“After we looked into the matter and asked students, we are assuming that some outsiders who were not allowed inside the school but came to see the performance wrote such posts maliciously. We apologize again for damaging the honor of SM Entertainment and aespa,” it said.

Kyungbock High School Issues 2nd Apology

It deleted its first apology statement on the Kyungbock High School’s website as it only garnered more criticisms. Following the deletion, the institution shared a second apology statement and detailed what happened during the event.

From previously accusing outsiders of posting the photos, the school admitted that some of its students indeed acted immaturely amid aespa’s performance.

After the incident, the school pledged to educate its students regarding event etiquette and gender sensitivity.

aespa and SM Entertainment are yet to comment on the issue.

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