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Chainsaw Man Unveils Namco Arcade Collab

Chainsaw Man Namco Denji

The first season may be over, but Chainsaw Man fans are still in for a treat as a new Namco arcade collab has been announced, featuring lots of new collectibles.

Specifically, this new collab will bring lots of prizes and goodies that will be available at Namco arcades.

These won’t be any standard merch though as they’ll feature brand-new art featuring the show’s four main characters.

Chainsaw Man Collabs

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It’s fair to say that Chainsaw Man was one of the most anticipated shows heading into the Fall 2022 season.

Thanks to the hype, the show became one of the most-searched and most-watched anime of the year.

Given its popularity, it should come as no surprise that many Chainsaw Man collabs have been released over the past months.

For once, there’s the crossover with the mobile game Bloodline: Last Royal Vampire. This mobile game collab adds Denji, Power, and Aki into the game.

While it may be a surprise crossover, it’s typical for big shonen anime to appear in popular mobile titles.

There’s also the Lawson collab in Japan that featured special branded food and other goods.

These items featured artwork of Denji, Power, Aki, and Makima which are made specifically for the crossover.

There were also lots of fashion collaborations revealed recently, including graphic tees and even designer hats.

And of course, there are Chainsaw Man collectible figures, including cute Nendoroids that are currently available for pre-order.

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Chainsaw Man x Namco Arcade Collab

The series’ latest collab is with Namco arcade, and it features various prizes in crane games. These prizes include can badges, acrylic stands, and other goodies.

As mentioned, these items will feature special artworks of the four main characters enjoying arcade games.

First up, there’s a Denji art that sees him holding arcade light guns. Then there’s Makima playing a crane game.

Meanwhile, the Power art sees her playing a high striker arcade game. Finally, there’s an Aki artwork featuring him playing a racing arcade game.

Check out the goodies here:

As a bonus, the collab also features a Twitter campaign where fans can join.

The campaign features special collectible goodies that participants can win by retweeting a select tweet.

This Chainsaw Man x Namco arcade collab will be available from January 13 to February 26, 2023. However, the collab will only be available in Japan.

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