Chainsaw Man Fan Brings Reading Comprehension Devil to Life Through Fanart

Chainsaw Man Reading Comprehension Devil Power

Chainsaw Man Reading Comprehension Devil Power

Chainsaw Man has a lot of devils, but fans have created even more devils that may or may not exist in the series’ world. One of the most popular ones is the Reading Comprehension Devil, which was imagined in a new fanart that got a lot of attention on the Chainsaw Man subreddit.

While Reddit gets a lot of fanart posts every day featuring the series’ characters, this one is an entirely fan-made creation.

Some newer fans may not understand what it means, but they’ve likely encountered it at some point.

Chainsaw Man’s Reading Comprehension Devil Explained

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While the end of the first season saw lots of anime-only viewers take the plunge and read the manga, there have already been lots of newer readers that got into Chainsaw Man due to the manga’s hype.

As these fans tuned in to watch the anime in Fall 2022, many noted how they misremembered the events of the manga’s early parts, even if they only read it months or weeks before the anime premiered.

Because there were so many examples of this phenomenon happening, fans came up with the Reading Comprehension Devil.

Most manga readers are probably guilty of speed-reading a manga series to get caught up.

While it’s hard not to when the story is exciting, reading like this means lots of details get unnoticed, and some things get misinterpreted.

Chainsaw Man is a prime example of this. Unlike many battle shonen titles with lengthy explanations, the series barely has lengthy expositions as creator Tatsuki Fujimoto prefers to let the art do the talking.

Because of this, coupled with the fact that the series moves at an incredibly fast pace, many readers tend to misinterpret or miss a lot of details.

Long-time fans soon claimed that this was caused by the Reading Comprehension Devil.

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Reading Comprehension Devil Fanart

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Since then, the Reading Comprehension Devil has been a meme that’s often referred to in Chainsaw Man online communities. After all, many fans still tend to forget or miss some key details.

To memorialize the meme, a user on Reddit shared their take on the infamous devil.

This depiction shows the devil with an exposed brain as it reads multiple books.

A lot of fans liked the fanart’s depiction, with many praising the art style.

Though a fan jokingly remarked that the brain should be smooth, which is certainly fitting for a devil with its power.

To make sure you don’t get affected by the Reading Comprehension Devil, make sure you read the next Chainsaw Man chapter thoroughly when it releases on March 7.

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