What Are the Primal Devils and Fears in Chainsaw Man? Explained

Chainsaw Man’s Primal Devils/Fears Explained

Chainsaw Man’s Primal Devils/Fears Explained

After Chainsaw Man Chapter 122’s release, the entire Chainsaw Man fanbase seemed to be either confused or curious about Primal Fear Devils. Are they the same as the other devils we've seen so far in the series? What are the Primal Devils/Fears in Chainsaw Man? Keep reading until the end to find out!

Spoiler Warning: There are minor spoilers for the Chainsaw Man manga below.

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What Are Primal Fears?

Currently, there is no official explanation yet as to what primal fears are in the Chainsaw Man series, but they are represented as the innate fear that humans have. These are fears that are hardwired in the brain that help people detect what is harmful and not.

Do take note that primal fears are those that naturally occur to someone and are not based on past events or experiences.

Some examples of primal fear are the fear of heights, pain, insects, and other threats.

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What Are the Primal Fear Devils?

Now that we know what primal fear is, let's move on to the Primal Fear Devils in Chainsaw Man. As we all know, the devils in Chainsaw Man are powered by fear. The more they sense fear, the more they gain power. The same is likely to be true of Primal Fear Devils.

Most fans believe that Primal Fear Devils are stronger than typical devils because they embody fears that are innate to humans.

With their abilities, they can intimidate other devils with their presence and even those who are unaware of their aura.

Eternity Devil
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Since they are newly introduced in the shounen anime, not much information has been provided about them yet. But so far, no Primal Fear Devil has been killed.

Therefore, we are not sure if they can be eliminated at all, or if there is a chance for them to reincarnate in the future.

There is also no information about their personality and abilities other than what was shown by the Darkness Devil.

When the first Primal Fear Devil was introduced, Chainsaw Man fans thought that it would be an average devil, but everyone was surprised to learn that it was a whole lot stronger than the Gun Devil.

The Darkness Devil was able to defeat the Control Devil, causing fans to think that Primal Fear Devils are on a different level. They are stronger, quicker, and can easily kill a devil hunter.

The Darkness Devil used its power to kill as many devil hunters as possible by simply engulfing people.

Now that we are aware of the existence of Primal Fear Devils, fans are on the lookout for other related devils to learn more about these next-level enemies that Denji and the others must face.

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