Chainsaw Man Part 2 Release Date Confirmed

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Chainsaw Man Part 2 Release Date
Credit: MAPPA

While the Chainsaw Man manga is ongoing newcomers will be pleased to know that the popular story's first arc is completed so it doesn't stop at a completely awkward cliffhanger. But the Chainsaw Man anime release date will reignite interest in the shonen manga, especially after its long break. So, when is the release date of Chainsaw Man Part 2?

What Is Chainsaw Man About?

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Credit: MAPPA

For any newcomers, Chainsaw Man is a gritty shonen manga written and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto.

In the odd alternate world of Chainsaw Man, certain historical events have not happened while Devils born of human fears roam the world.

Denji is a Devil Hunter. Accompanied by his Devil pet, Pochita, he captures malevolent demons and employs them in contracts with humans in an attempt to pay off the debt his father left him with.

When a failed mission ends Denji's life, Pochita saves him by merging with him. Now a Chainsaw Devil, Denji is capable of transforming parts of his body into chainsaws but tries to lead a normal life this time around!

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Chainsaw Man Part 2 Release Date

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Credit: MAPPA

In June 2022, manga series editor Shihei Lin confirmed, through a Twitter post, that Chainsaw Man Part 2 will begin serialization on the 13th of July 2022.

In the Shonen Jump Festa 2022 creator Tatsuki Fujimoto - who appeared interviewing an animated Pochita - had already confirmed that Chainsaw Man Part 2 will come out in the summer of 2022.

After a long hiatus, the wait is finally over for fans - in just about the right time to feel the hype for the anime adaptation all over again!

The first part of Chainsaw Man has 11 volumes, spanning over 97 chapters. You can read Chainsaw Man legally online on Shonen Jump's Viz, and we expect this to remain the case for part 2 chapters when they start coming out.

This summer will be an exciting time for those who fell in love with Chainsaw Man's dark humor, great characters, and occasional gory aesthetics.

Not only are we expecting the manga to return for a new arc after its long hiatus, but the manga is also receiving an anime adaptation by Studio MAPPA, due to come out in Fall 2022, so it's the perfect time to refresh your memory on what has happened already!

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