Chainsaw Man Manga’s Official English Release Is Poor Quality

Chainsaw Man Manga Quality Denji

Chainsaw Man Manga Quality Denji

While readers are still excited about the series’ events, some fans are disappointed by the Chainsaw Man manga in its official English release due to its poor quality.

Recently, fans shared side-by-side comparisons of the manga’s English release compared to versions in Japanese and Spanish.

Many noted how the English version is clearly of lower quality in terms of sharpness as well as grain.

Chainsaw Man Manga Grainy and Low-Res

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In Part 2, the official English version has a slightly hazy and grainy quality that fans likened to old analog home video.

It’s bad enough that the words and the art are obscured, but the graininess seems to be very apparent.

While many believed this to be a stylistic decision, it turns out that the other language releases of Chainsaw Man are much sharper and clearer, with little to no grain, unlike the English version.

This difference in quality was highlighted recently by some fans on Twitter, including @epppyyy, who shared some side-by-side comparisons.

From the looks of it, the English version that’s used in the comparisons is the same one as the Viz Media release on Shonen Jump and Manga Plus while the Spanish version is also the one in Manga Plus.

The difference is quite huge when viewed on Manga Plus, as aside from the overall graininess, each page seems to have a lower resolution in English compared to other language versions.

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Chainsaw Man Manga Quality Reactions

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Understandably, many fans weren’t happy with this discovery as they’d prefer to get the best version of the Chainsaw Man manga possible.

It doesn’t help that it seems that only the English version is affected by the issue. On the flip side, some fans are fine, or at least don’t mind the lower quality.

Some say that the graininess adds a different feel to the manga, making it look more cinematic in a way.

Currently, Viz Media has yet to address the lower quality of the English version, and it’s hard to imagine that the previous chapters will get updated.

After all, chapter changes are usually reflected in volume releases.

There is a chance that the next chapter releases get better quality though because it’s weird that only one version of the manga is affected.

However, this might also be a stylistic decision from the English staff.

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