Chainsaw Man Fans Share Wild Theories on Upcoming Nayuta Arc

Chainsaw Man Nayuta Arc Makima

Chainsaw Man Nayuta Arc Makima

Predicting what happens in Chainsaw Man is pretty much impossible, but that hasn’t stopped fans from theorizing. Now that it has been a couple of days since the last chapter’s release, Chainsaw Man fans continue to share their wild theories about the upcoming Nayuta arc.

Based on what happened in the last chapter, it seems that the Falling Devil arc has ended.

And in typical Fujimoto fashion, the end came quite abruptly. Though it did have a lot of reveals that will likely be relevant in the next arc.

Spoiler Warning: There are Chainsaw Man Chapter 131 spoilers in this article.

Chainsaw Man: Nayuta School Arc Believed to Be Coming Next

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In Chainsaw Man Chapter 131, the Falling Devil has finally been defeated, though not by Denji.

Instead, she failed her mission of feeding Asa to a grotesque Devil thanks to the involvement of Nayuta.

What came after was the reveal that Fami is the one behind the attack and that she wants to prevent the apocalypse.

She then asks Nayuta for help, but Nayuta refuses, saying that she can’t help because of school.

The chapter ends with a panel of Nayuta as she enthusiastically raises her hand to answer her teacher’s questions.

Because of this, fans now believe that the next arc will follow Nayuta’s school life.

Of course, that’s not a guarantee as the point of view may shift back to Asa Mitaka, but given how the last chapter ended, it’s possible we’ll see the manga follow Nayuta, at least for a couple of chapters.

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Chainsaw Man Fans Share Their Wild Theories

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Aside from the potential Nayuta school arc, Chainsaw Man fans have been discussing their theories about what happens next on various social media platforms.

On Reddit, there’s a thread where fans try to predict the next big developments.

Some believe that Asa will finally discover that Denji is Chainsaw Man. Meanwhile, others think more info on Fami will be given.

Though these aren’t the wildest theories so far. For instance, some jokingly think that Kobeni will finally make an appearance in Nayuta’s school arc.

Some are also suggesting that instead of following Nayuta, the series will switch gears and instead follow the fake Chainsaw Man.

Meanwhile, there are theories that Haruka Iseumi will be a major player in the next arc.

Whatever the case may be, fans will need to wait a bit longer as Chainsaw Man Chapter 132 will not be released until the 13th.

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