Chainsaw Man DVD Struggles to Sell, Sparking Season 2 Fears

Chainsaw Man Blu-ray Denji

Chainsaw Man Blu-ray Denji

While Chainsaw Man was one of 2022’s biggest anime shows, fans are worried that it won’t be renewed. Recently, it was reported that Volume 1 of the Chainsaw Man Blu-ray flopped, as it sold only over a thousand copies during its first week.

Specifically, several outlets shared anime Blu-ray sales figures from the previous week, and the results show that Chainsaw Man severely underperformed sales-wise compared to other anime home video releases.

Chainsaw Man Blu-ray Volume 1 Low Reported Sales

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Based on discussions online, Chainsaw Man was one of the most popular shows of the past year.

Its streaming numbers and search interest in Japan have also been high during its broadcast.

For many titles though, Blu-ray sales are a strong indicator of an anime’s popularity, as well as the possibility of a season renewal.

Despite being incredibly popular in most of the world, it seems that the anime fanbase in Japan is not as happy with the show.

This is because its first Blu-ray volume sold only 1,735 copies during its first week, according to several reports.

For comparison, shows such as Bocchi the Rock! and Lycoris Recoil sold over 16,000 and 23,000 copies respectively during their Volume 1 first-week release.

Chainsaw Man even underperformed compared to The Eminence in Shadow which sold over 3,000 copies.

Given the low sales numbers from the latest reports, many fans are now concerned about the anime’s future.

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Chainsaw Man Fans Worried About Season 2

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While Blu-ray sales aren’t everything, they are still believed to be important for an anime show to be renewed.

Because of the low sales, some fans are afraid that the anime won’t get a second season.

Fans have pointed out that a possible reason is that the show’s more realistic style did not resonate well with Japanese viewers.

To support this claim, some pointed out that MAPPA rented a huge venue for an upcoming stage event, with tickets being prioritized for Blu-ray buyers.

Because of the low sales, this doesn’t paint a good picture of Japanese interest in the series.

Still, these numbers may not be entirely accurate given that the Chainsaw Man Blu-ray is being sold with exclusive freebies on MAPPA’s official online shop.

Some fans believe that the recent sales numbers do not include sales from MAPPA’s store.

Whatever the case may be, we’ll have to wait a bit more to get a better picture of the show’s reception in Japan and how it will affect a possible season 2 production.

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